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Postgramer allows you to schedule photos that will be published without you needing to be around, at any time of your choosing. no need to check your phone.

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Save tons of time and money

Postgramer allows you to schedule posts that will be published without you needing to be around


Multiple Accounts & Users

Forget about switching users. Manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time.

Fully Automated

We post automatically for you so you can sit back and relax.

No Push Notifications

Schedule your photos to Instagram directly from your computer and let us do the rest.

>> Join thousands of customers from all around the world and start saving time! <<

{ How it Works? }

We do not use backdoors or other hacks. We actually log into your Instagram account, simulate human interaction and post just like you would do. Schedule your content to be published at any time.

{ Not for Spammers! }

INSTAGRAM has very strict policies regarding auto posting. Postgramer will schedule your posts as if it were you, without you having to do it manually. However, the same limits you have when publishing directly on Instagram will be applied.

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